My Story

I love to make food look beautiful…but that’s only half the story. 

For nearly 30 years I’ve been cooking, styling, writing and generally obsessing over food. As an international food stylist I’ve brought campaigns to life, created mouthwatering content and collaborated with renowned photographers from around the world. I’m also a published author, but for the next chapter I want to help clients bring their vision to life from behind the camera.

I love capturing beautiful images and know how to make food look delicious – so it’s simple really, bring both together…

For someone that’s always thrived on busy shoots, it’s ironic that lockdown finally gave me the opportunity to pick up my camera and hone my passion for photography. Not surprisingly, after years of working symbiotically with photographers, together with an instinctive eye for lighting and composition, the transition from styling to shooting came naturally.

Photography and food styling are two worlds that sit alongside each other, but by bringing them together I hope to be able to offer something truly different. With an in-depth understanding of food and a wealth of experience, I can seamlessly switch between each role, using two sets of eyes to create unique imagery.

I’m excited to work with companies large and small, with people who share my passion for food. I can photograph and style your shots with complete confidence, and call upon a trusted team of assistants and food stylists if required for larger shoots.

Over the years clients and friends have described me as down-to-earth, attentive, charming, calm, unflappable even. 

I’ve always poured my heart and soul into everything I do and this new adventure is no different. I want every plate of food to tempt the eye, capture an emotion and tell your story beautifully…

When not obsessing over food, finessing or foraging, I’m happily hanging out with my wife and young family at our home in Sussex. I work from my studio here, but am only an hour from London and happy to travel overseas, wherever the food takes me.